Parent Partnership

We believe that parents and staff working together is vital to ensuring a child’s individual needs are fully met and each child gets the most out of nursery.

During your child’s settling in week you will be given lots of opportunities to talk to your child’s key carer.  You will also be asked to complete an ‘All About Me’ document which highlights your child’s current stage of development, favourite activities and personal needs, such as their feeding and sleep patterns. These unique profiles will help us focus the nursery experiences around your child as an individual.

Six weeks after settling in, you will be invited to an informal chat with your child’s key carer and the nursery manager to discuss your child’s settling and plan for the next steps.  You will also be invited to discuss your child’s progress at 27 months. (as part of the 27 month integrated review).  We operate an open door policy, so you are always welcome to book an appointment to discuss your child’s progress with your child’s key carer and /or the nursery manager at any time.  Key carers will also keep you informed with daily debriefings at drop-off or pick-up times or you if you prefer a brief written summary of the day.

We also keep you informed of all the things we do at nursery through weekly ‘room’ newsletters, and bi-monthly ‘whole-nursery’ newsletters.  We provide a written progress report on your child’s development at around 12 month and also at around 27 – 36 months.  Throughout their time at nursery, your child’s key carer will regularly share with you photographs, videos and observations of your child, via Tapestry, an online early years learning journal.

We organise fun family events throughout the year, for example, a local picnic in June; a summer fete at Rosemary Works School and a get-together with mince pies and mulled wine before we break up for Christmas.  Regular emails and newsletters will keep you informed of events, dates and useful information.  You can find the nursery’s policies and procedures and menus here on our nursery website.

27 Month Integrated Review:

The 27 month Integrated review is a high quality developmental review at 2 – 2½ years that provides an opportunity for parents and carers to discuss their child’s process with speech, general development healthy eating, behaviour , toilet training, sleep, immunisations, vision and dental care.  The review is lead by Zuhre Mehmet, our Health Child Lead Practitioner, in partnership with our health visitor.  In 2015 we were awarded ‘Best Partnership Award’ in Hackney, for our fantastic work and dedication to the Integrated 27 month review.

The 27 month review was historically carried by your child’s Health Visitor at your GPs.  However, in 2012, The Hackney Learning Trust piloted a new scheme involving nurseries in Hackney working alongside parents and Health Visitors to do the child’s 27 Month Review in their nursery setting.

If you are a Hackney resident, you will receive a letter from your Health Visitor, inviting you to attend a formal 27 month review.  It can then be arranged for you to have the 27 month review at nursery – thus making it an ‘integrated’ review with you child, your child’s key-carer, the nursery’s ‘Healthy Child Lead Practitioner’ and your child’s Health Visitor.  By ‘integrating’ key people and working in partnership, any learning difficulties or issues relating to your child and their development can quickly be identified and support given.  Early intervention is crucial to your child’s future learning and development.

If you are a non-Hackney resident your local Health Visiting team should invite you to attend your local clinic for your child’s 27 Month Health Review with your child’s Health Visitor.  You will still be invited to have a review meeting here at nursery with your child’s key-carer and the nursery’s Healthy Child Lead Practitioner.

Please click here to find out more about the 27 Months Review